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I just want to see how the event goes - can I get a trade pass or something?

If you don't feel like taking part, we do welcome a minimum commitment of £999 - which will grant you access to the trade floor throughout the whole event as well as at least one mini-conference.

So, £999 "table ownership" gets me what exactly?

Gets you​ the right to play "lead representative" on any table of your choice. You will also be the only non-end-user on your table. You will also get a complimentary 2 selections of who exactly you want on your table. And finally, with a further £99 per head, you can add a further 5 more people to your table.

This is the price for one mini-conference so doesn't grant ownership of any table for the whole event.

What​ does ETOT co-location mean for me - as a partner of ETex?

Whereas the exhibition area will be shared, registration for each event is separate - that means a ticket for ETOT is not honoured at ETex and vice versa.

That being said, we're always happy to reward loyalty so don't be shy in asking!

Why do we need to log in to this "portal"?

Whilst at time of writing the site isn't totally up and running, the plan will be, rather than bug you all year with calls and messages to simply provide all information you need to make your decision.

We also want you to be able to completely finish the process without needing to speak to a sales rep -- not that we don't like talking to you (!) - we just think, like us, you'd prefer a little more autonomy where possible.